Forest Pines May 2024

Return your Beer - Licensees

The Government has announced a further National lockdown to control the spread of the COVID virus across the UK. For many pubs it will not be possible to operate under the latest measures and given the anticipated timeline associated with these restrictions. It is once again necessary to consider how to handle beer that will be out of date and unsaleable once pubs are able to re-open.

The decision has been taken by those brand owners who supported the Return Your Beer platform under the first lockdown to re-open the site for licensees to request permission to destroy beer or cider that will become unsaleable due to the current restrictions. Once permission has been obtained, the platform is also used to provide the necessary evidence of destruction.

Not all brands will be available on the platform immediately but more will be added over the coming weeks. It will be important to ensure that before submitting a claim you confirm that the brands concerned are listed. As more brands are re-introduced this information will be updated via the latest updates on this website.

As before, it will also be necessary to consider any environmental risks associated with beer destruction. Licensees should always consider whether it is possible to divert unsaleable beer for alternative uses, such as for agricultural/commercial animal feed.

You should discuss this and any available options for retrieval or alternative use with your supplier before destroying beer, including any need to seek permission from local water companies and particularly where volumes are greater than that which might be associated with normal operational wastage i.e. cleaning of the dispense system. Further details on this will be updated as necessary.

These Brewers are involved in the and this link will take you to the website, however for ease the below is a list of brewers the website quotes as participating:

Carlsberg / Marston’s
Budweiser Brewing Group
Molson Coors
KBE Drinks
Camden Town Brewery
Timothy Taylors
Budweiser Budvar
Robinsons Brewery

Diageo are not on this platform please use the following link to report any of their products

Dee Bee does not currently trade with all the above brewers so may not be listed as a supplier against certain breweries on the returnyourbeer website.